Rules and Constitution

Orbital Strike Force Rules


The following rules are for all members of our outfit. There are some rules that apply for certain areas of the Outfit in addition to the basic rules.


1) Be respectful
We do not tolerate any form of racism, bigotry or sexism. Be respectful towards all people regardless of their rank, outfit, faction or server. Do not do anything that could harm the reputation of this outfit.
2) Do not cheat, grief or violate codes of conduct
We do not tolerate any form of cheating in any game. Everything that is giving you an unfair advantage is considered cheating such as exploiting, stats padding, hacking, etc... Breaking this rule will result in getting kicked immediately.
Do not violate the DBG code of conduct of Planetside 2. It is your responsibility to know the content of the code of conduct same as for any supported game.
3) Follow orders of your leader
Try following the squad/platoon leader and his orders. Not following the orders can lead to further actions.
4) Be active
A member of the outfit can get removed after 2 months of inactivity ingame for administrational purposes.
Additional activity requirements can be set for certain ranks.
5) Be on our voice server
While playing in our Squads you have to present on teamspeak in the appropriate channel. That includes teamspeak based squads, but also public platoons.
6) Keep the comms clear
If a leader calls out "clear comms" you will immediately stop talking and start listening. It is extremely important to make the comms precise, clear and accurate. Furthermore Enlisted Personnel has to know and use our comm standards which you will learn in the trainings.
7) Do not mass report
Do not join mass reports or encourage people to mass report players. If someone is breaking the rules, report him yourself.
8) Do not start arguments
Be respectful towards other members and do not start arguments. If you have problems with someone inform one of the Officers, Community Counselors or Leaders.
9) Honor the values of this outift
Honor and follow the values of ORBS. Ensure that we will be a friendly community.
10) Loyalty
We do not allow people to counter our operations or events. There must not be a conflict of interest between ORBS and other outfits on other factions. To be safe you should play other factions on a different server. We are not tolerating people playing another faction on our server, while they are in the same channel on teamspeak with people playing NC. You can be in a separate channel, but you are not allowed to be in contact with our guys playing NC (including being part of the whisper groups as well).
11) Outfit Camo
We expect every Member to wear our Outfit Camo "Forest Ground" during all outfit events on the live server. Weapon Camo remains free choice. Black Camo is accepted. Those who do not own the Outfit Camo are expected to wear no camo.

The Ticket System

To enforce the rules we have a ticket system. A ticket can result in a demotion, reassignment or removal from the outfit. The consequences of a ticket are based on your involvement with the community, your previous behaviour and the case itself. Each ticket will get approved by an Officer. A ticket for cheating will result in a kick and permanent ban from the outfit.




Constitution of the Orbital Strike Force

This Outfit is committing itself to fair game play. We want to offer a place for every type of player. This means offering a variety of play styles and specializations in one big community.
This constitution officially displays the responsibilities and the rights of our ranks. It defines them and also limits them. All the actions have to be based on this constitution. Additions can be made for specific areas of the outfit.
§ 1 Our Rules of Conduct
Everyone who is part of this outfit has to respect our rules whenever he is active in the community. We are dedicated towards a respectful and fair community environment. Breaking our rules can result in a ticket which can lead to removal from the outfit. We all agree on respecting our rules and constitution.
§ 2 Outfit Time
The Orbital Strike Force uses the Central European Time (CET/CEST) as their standard time for all events.
§ 3 Applicant (G01)
A new community member on trial.
§ 4 Serviceman (G02)
A full member of the community.
§ 5 Guardsman (G02)
An experienced member of our community with a microphone and completed Basic-/Boot Camp and Advanced Training.
To be promoted to Guardsman one needs 9 Points. Each event gives 1 Point and one can also receive negative and positive recommendations (points) from the respective superior in these events, thus one can only gain a total of 2 points per event. Additional one can only receive one recommendation per Leader.
§ 6 Specialist (G02)
A veteran member of our community who is highly experienced and trained. Furthermore he has high tier specializations.
§ 7 Corporal (G03)
Entry level leader with regular or casual squad leading.
§ 8 Sergeant (G03)
Experienced leader with knowledge about outfit structure, exemplary behaviour, capable of leading by community standards and regular leadership activity.
§ 9 Lieutenant (G04)
Executive Officer who is part of the administrative or higher up ingame leadership. Performing a variety of different tasks in different areas of this outfit.
§ 10 Captain (G05)
Commanding Officer who is responsible for the management of the outfit. He has a veto right on decisions and has been assigned based on high commitment. He is a watchman over the outfit and a guardian of our values.
§ 11 Administrative Personnel (Additional)
Members can get additional ranks based on administrative tasks they perform for the community. These ranks can come with additional permissions on the website and ingame to allow them to perform their duties.
Following paragraphs are examples of ranks that can be applied:
(1) Community Counselor - acts as a contact person for outfit related questions and issues.
(2) Recruiter - takes care of promoting and demoting people ingame, on the website and on teamspeak.
(3) Diplomat - is representing our outfit in relations with other outfits.
(4) Quartermaster - is moderating and developing our website.
(5) Training Instructor - provides trainings for our members.
(6) PR-Operator - is representing our outfit towards the public.
(7) News Correspondent - is producing content for our website, primary news articles.
§ 12 Tickets
(1) Tickets can be submitted by Leaders and Officers. Alternatively they can be submitted on behalf of a member from a Leader or Officers. They are issued to person who has broken the rules. Tickets need to be confirmed before actions will be taken.
(2) A ticket will stay valid for 3 months, after that it will automatically disappear.
(3) If somebody has been kicked, he is banned for 3 months. Officers have to decide on a case by case decision if he will be accepted back after the ban period.
(4) Tickets issued for cheating will lead to an immediate permanent ban.
(5) All tickets have to be made public in the leader’s forum.
(6) Tickets can also result in demotions, reassignments and other sanctions.
(7) All sanctions from tickets have to be made in perspective of the defendant’s involvement in the outfit and his contributions. Also there has to be a case by case decision judging the circumstances.
§ 13 Ticket Confirmation
(1) Tickets have to be confirmed by an Officer.
(2) Officers cannot confirm their own ticket submissions.
(3) The Officer who confirmed the ticket is responsible for formally issuing the ticket.
(4) The Officer has to conduct an investigation before confirming the ticket.
(5) Investigation includes questioning the people involved and other witnesses, also enforcing the formal requirements of a ticket.
(6) After a ticket is confirmed the Investigator has to formally issue the ticket to the defendant.
§ 14 Ticket Requirements
(1) The content of the ticket has to consist of the name of the person getting the ticket, the rules he offended and the time of the incident. Furthermore it is required that a reprimand has been conducted before the ticket is issued, if possible. Additional elements of a ticket must be names of witnesses and further details of the incident.
Furthermore you have to clarify what you want to achieve with the ticket.
(2) Whenever you issue a ticket you have to ask yourself if the purpose of issuing the ticket is legit and in conformity with our rules and constitution. For the sake of team play you should always ask yourself if the ticket is really necessary to achieve the purpose or if there is any milder punishment for the issue at hand.
§ 15 Inactivity
(1) Everybody who is inactive for more than 2 months ingame or website without leaving a note on the website can be removed from the ranks.
(2) Specialisation can get removed due to inactivity.
(3) Demotions can be a consequence from inactivity as well.
(4) Leaving a note of absence on the website can keep you from getting reassigned or removed.
§ 16 General Decision-making
All decisions regarding the outfit have to be conform with our guidelines, rules and values. Any decision not authorized by this constitution has to be the result of a vote.
(1) Every decision has to be made public by the Officers otherwise it will not be valid. If the decision is not scheduled for a later time it becomes valid by the time it is publically announced.
(2) Based on the impact of the decision the Officers and Senior Officers are choosing which voting system they will use, therefore defining who has a vote.
§ 17 Voting Process
Everybody who has the right to vote has one vote without any exceptions. He can either vote yes, no or abstention. If somebody votes abstention it does not count if there is a requirement in total votes. Personnel which takes a leave of absence during the voting period is not considered for the required amount of present voters, depending on the degree of absence and the urgency.
§ 18 Officer’s Vote
Captains have to vote on every decision by default. Lieutenants should be consulted or included in the vote as much as possible. It requires a simple majority to be successful. It can either be held during a meeting or in the forums. All the  Captains have to vote. If Lieutenants are included 50% of them have to vote. The voting period is 3 days from the time the vote went public on the forums or until the required amount of Officers voted and the vote passed.
(1) The Captains have a veto right for extraordinary cases in which they, considering our guidelines, constitution, rules and values, are able to cancel the voting process. This means that in their opinion the issue is not discussed enough to take a vote. If they call a veto the vote failed and the topic will be discussed again.
(2) The Veto does not apply to the votes for removing people.
§ 19 Leader’s Vote
(1) If the Officers decide to expand the group of people voting, the rules of the Officers vote apply. Furthermore it requires a vote of 50% of the Leaders active or the end of the voting period.
(2) The voting period for a vote on the website will be 5 days, after that time the vote will be over and valid as long as all the Captains voted together with 50% of the Majors. The vote can also take part during a leaders meeting which when scheduled in advance will be the result of the vote as long the officer vote requirements are fulfilled.
§ 20 Member’s Vote
The Officers can decide to let the members vote on a subject. Every full member can vote (excluding Applicants).
(1) These votes have to be on our website. The voting Period will be 5 days.
(2) Other vote requirements apply accordingly.
§ 21 Promotions and Demotions
Promotions and demotions will be made by Officers or authorized Personnel (e.g. Recruiters).
§ 22 Probation
Ranks can be applied on probation in some cases. That means that people have access to the group they are probationary assigned to while having the rights of their previous group when it comes to decisions and votes. Especially Leader ranks can come with a probation phase. After the probation there will be a decision if the person gets approved or will receive its previous rank.
§ 23 Adjustments
(1) Adjustments can be made only with votes and only as long as they do not change the distribution of power by giving more power to a certain group or are against the values of this outfit.
(2) Adjustments that do not interfere with the values of this constitution and are only additions or minor adjustments covering certain procedures can be implemented by a vote of the Commanding Officers.
§ 24 Additional Rules and Requirements for Specialisations
These additional rules can be made by Officers and other involved Personnel. They cannot limit already existing rules.
§ 25 Breaking the Constitution
If a member is breaking the rules or values of this constitution, he can be removed from the outfit. The same rules as for kicking Personnel apply in this case.
§ 26 Conflict of Interests
People who have a leadership position in an enemy outfit on our server can be removed from this outfit if there is a conflict of interests. This applies to every position in an enemy outfit which is higher than a normal member.

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