[7R] Rules

This page outlines the rules of the 7th Ranger Group:

General Rules

1. Be respectul and behave maturely towards anyone at all times.

Racism, Sexism, Homophobia or any other kinds of discrimination are not accepted.

2. Do not act in any way that could directly or indirectly cause any harm to this community.

This covers your behaviour towards non-members as well as promoting or committing criminal behaviour.

3. Do not share any of our unit's resources with non-members.

This includes everything that cannot be publicly found on our website.

4. Be active.

Participate in at least one op per week or leave a LOA on Discord.

5. Use a pronounceable and consistent name across all platforms.

In Game Rules

6. Do not cheat or use any unauthorised mods.

7. Follow our procedures as outlined in our handbook and trainings.

You do not need to know the entire handbook, but everyone is expected to follow the procedures that we teach during the recruitment process and the various trainings.

8. Follow and respect the in game chain of command.

9. Do not harm or harass teammates and allied forces on purpose.

10. Do not deliberately commit war crimes.

This includes killing civilians or other non-combatants.

11. Avoid breaking immersion.

This includes not spoiling any knowledge you may have when replaying a mission or when respawning and coming in as reinforcements. Using the in game chat should be reserved to solving immediate technical problems. Do not share any information while being unconscious / dead.

12. Follow our respawn policy as outlined in the handbook.

Recording Rules

13. Prior to streaming you must announce it cleary to everyone involved.

14. Recording outside of our operations requires the consent of the people present.

15. If an NCO / Officer requests you not to stream or publish a recording you are to follow that.

Penalties for not following these rules range from reprimand to ban from this unit and will be decided on a case by case decision by the officers and NCOs.


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