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ORBS is a Planetside2 community fighting for the New Conglomerate on the Miller EU Server and is an english speaking multinational community. We focus on playing objectives and teamplay. We pride ourselves in being an open and friendly community. We put a lot of effort into improving ourselves individually and as a team due countless regular trainings and practice nights. Furthermore we are actively participating in PlanetsideBattles events such as PlanetsideBattlesLeague, BaseSmash and Server Smashes where we were able to celebrate some great victories.

We have two Ops Nights per week, every Wednesday and Sunday on which we try to bring our best teamplay to the server. In addition we run a Drill Nights and Trainings during the week, but also differently themed events.

How to join us

To become a part of this community you have to register on our website and submit an application.

Leave an Application

Once you made an application, a Recruiter will process it and guide you through your application procedure. Before accepting applications we want to talk to you on our teamspeak server (ts.orbitalstrikeforce.com), where we will introduce you to our community. Teamspeak is essential for a community to work.

Requirements to join us

We do not have any restrictions although we want to ensure a respectful, pleasant and friendly environment for our members. Generally we try to give everyone a fair chance. We do not have any level requirements or such, although we expect you to get involved with the community and the way we play. This includes joining trainings and other events. We also expect our members to regularly play Ops Nights and be active in general. That does not mean you have to be present all the time.

Furthermore we expect our members to be active and join our teamspeak (ts.orbitalstrikeforce.com).

Why should you join us

Besides being a part of a community of passionate gamers we have the experience and organization to offer you a large variety of events and knowledge about the game. Furthermore organized outfits like us are the core of the Planetside2 experience. Achieving something great together as a true team is what makes the game exiting. It is a demanding and satisfying experience for all people involved.

If you are still considering, feel free to always join us on teamspeak or contact our Staff to get more information or resolve some questions. Furthermore check out the other content on our website such as media and more.


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