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We are a Planetside 2 community on the Miller EU Server (former Woodman EU), founded in late 2013. Initiated by Jungeaufmofa who came up with the idea of merging the two communities started ORBS. No0ne & Jungeaufmofa (from Smurf G0ds) and Dextro & Gustav (from Pathfinders) developed and founded this community as a result. Originally founded with three branches the outfit continued to grow together and focus shifted towards a higher level of teamplay. It started with three branches: Militia, Army and Special Forces (later called Rangers). All branches catering to a different playstyle. Overtime the core community grew together and wanted to progress. Therefor we decided to part ways with the lesser organized elements of the outfit. These days we are a competitive and teamplay orientated community of likeminded individuals.

Community Culture

We are highly focused on improvement and teamplay. We strive towards improving both ourselves individually and together as a team. On the other hand we want to be an open and welcoming community to new members. Therefor we do not judge people by their skill or k/d. We appreciate them based on their progression within our community and their desire to learn and improve. Ultimately we want to keep our standard high, but we do not want to be elitist. As Dextro would say: “We do not care who you were, you are now an ORBSman. Therefor what matters is where you are now and where you are going to.”

First in... Last out

As our motto it represent our attitude. We enter a fight to win and we will not give up. We strive towards victory until our last breath. We took our tactics and procedures from our Special Forces branch and made them the foundation of who we are today. We usually stand for cohesive mobile squad play and quick direct action deployments.

Activities & Accomplishments

We represented our home servers both Miller and formerly Woodman in countless Server Smashes, including the Pre-Season, Merger Smash and the Season 1. Furthermore we participated in the world's first Build Smash. We participated in all three seasons of the Planetside Battles League and the SME Tournament. In addition we hosted the ORBS and Friends Invitational 1 & 2, a Server Smash style invitation only event with two 100 man teams competing. Besides all of that we also played countless scrims alongside live server activities.

At last some words about the community from some of our members:

"The different kind of people and nationalities, the solid organisation which kept me playing the game far longer than I ever could foresee." - Poepke

"The mix of characters and the personalities. We represent an incredible spread of Europe and even further beyond and seeing those people come together, work together and have fun together is what this game is all about." - 4rken

"The way we play organized during our Operations and PSBL. Being able to outplay the enemy using tactics, team effort and individual skill." - Evilknievel

"I think it's the strong leadership, tireless effort to improve the outfit and finally the community of not just players but some I would call friends. I see ORBS as more like a massive family than just a gaming community." - Sharad1a


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